Character Posters: ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ | EW

Stunning. Easily contenders for best poster(s) of the year.

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Alicia Marie may be the best Storm ever!

oh my god she is storm

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I fucking love this. Look at Fassy go. And Jennifer just being Jennifer, aka crazy. And James is like, yep, that’s my boyfriend.

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Marvel Comics makes history with a gay X-Men marriage.

Marvel Comics’ Astonishing X-Men is set to experience a new sound effect on top of its booms, whams, and sknits: the bong of wedding bells. Specifically, it’s the wedding bells of Marvel’s first gay marriage between longtime X-Man Northstar and his civilian boyfriend, Kyle. After pairing up the couple in 2009, Marvel is officially tying their knot in June’s Astonishing X-Men #51.


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but we will never be victims again.

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Magneto and Mystique = sassy popular girls 

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