bah. i couldn’t sleep last night because i was thinking about drawing this. i ended up sketching the outline in a notebook during math because i didn’t want to forget seRIOUSLY THAT SUCKS WHEN THAT HAPPENS

in a….new weird paint-y style that i’ve never really done? i always love how beautiful painted pieces are, but it’s really hard for me to personally do

anyway this is super small in the big picture i have planned, but i’m really happy with how it’s turning out so far? i think the finale picture’s gonna be fucking huge shiiiit

i just wish this little bit hadn’t taken me the better part of an hour and a half OTL



SCULPTURE CLASS. Angel wings for the volleyball MVP trophy.

I need a new BFF. She’s so freaky. And strange. Lolololol.

HO SHIT this is cool

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I’ll fix this up soon but for now it shall remain unfinished along with 12 others.


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I just. Really like sketching hair.


Guys, I seriously feel like a kickass den mother when I wear this.

regardless of the fact I am not nearly old enough to be a den mother.

I used a black cropped jacket I has lying around for effect, and the gray bit still needs to be added on to the corset thingy. I’M ALSO TOTALLY WEARING SWEATPANTS, BUT IT’S COOL ‘CAUSE I’LL CHANGE IT LATER.

The gloves have the base pieces done, but I friggin’ hate elastic, so I might try to redo them later (i need to find this fabric again then dammittttt). The top points on the top hem of the corset also won’t stay up, so I’m thinking I need to go buy some heavy batting and sew that in.