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i ended up liking the background for this, so here it is without tooth. i’m pretty bad at backgrounds, but practice makes perfect, right? ….right?

some mixture between film!tooth and what i’ve seen of book!tooth? this turned into a “tooth sketch” to background practice. hoooow do.

(sorry, tooth. you only get one hand.)

Legends Unite

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Frosted Rose - Jack & Toothiana

OMFG. Was Tooth ever complicated. KUDOS TO THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR COMING UP WITH THAT… I didn’t even bother to shade her feathers in ‘cause there’s so much detail on her.. and I liked the way it looked like this^^

So yeah! Rainbow Snowcone for all y’all.

I ship this.

So hard.

This ship needs a wee bit more love, yeah? :D

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