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Perfect image set is perfect. 


#Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was living with her very lovely mum #Both of them had hair of gold from peroxide #And she worked in a shop #Here’s the story of a man named Doctor #Who was living in his TARDIS on his own #He’s a Time Lord and he’s like no other #And he was all alone #Then the one day when the Doctor met Rose Tyler #And he knew that she would travel far with him #That these two plus all these great companions and that’s the way they all became the TARDIS bunch #The TARDIS bunch #The TARDIS bunch #That’s the way they become the TARDIS bunch

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The Doctor’s Rules

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Wilfred Mott is the best companion of the Doctor. Always and forever.

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Just you wait till my husband gets home.

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#most of the time eleven comes off as a cosmic nine year old #but sometimes #sometimes he lets his oncoming storm out #the reckoning force #the murderer #and it’s terrifying #because unlike ten who went full out oncoming storm basically all the time during the end of his arc #eleven’s only comes out sometimes#and that’s what makes it scarier

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“I’ve spent enough time with the Doctor to know that whenever you enter somewhere new, press buttons.”
“What else have you learned from him?” 

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Here’s the version of the ‘The Power of Three’ Trailer with Rory in his pants.

Because of reasons.

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Imagine coming across this one day. 

On a totally normal, slightly bored walk in the woods.

Turning around the bend and seeing this. 

Just imagine.

i’m not even a massive doctor who fan and this broke my heart

this like seeing hogwarts as a ruin (and not being a muggle, so you know it’s really a ruin)

or seeing 221b being rented out by some horrible college kids partying and being loud

or the impala being crushed and useless (wait, i’m not up-to-date with supernatural atm, but didn’t something bad actually happen to the impala? fuck that show is just heart-break central)

But imagine going to it. Letting your hands move across the paint, disrupting the plants around it and then


The door opens.

You’re walking through the woods on a wonderful day, when you turn around a corner and see something that makes your heart stop. Thoughts, memories, images flood your head, and you think over and over, No no no, it can’t be. It’s just a show, right? It can’t be. You don’t even realize it as you walk up to it, and you cautiously lay your hand on it.

When it actually comes in contact with the wood, your eyes widen. Oh my god. It’s here. It’s real. I’m not imagining it. but then you realize something else. It looks…sad. Worn down. As if it hadn’t moved in years. Tears fill your eyes. Oh, Doctor. Where are you?? What happened?? Your head leans on the door as you close your eyes, trying to keep yourself from crying. It’s so stupid, but…

You aren’t able to finish that thought. You hear a soft click, and the door opens, causing you to stumble forward. A pair of shoes enter your line of vision. You slowly look up, seeing slacks next, then a jacket over a button up shirt, a bow tie, and then…it’s him.

Your hand covers your mouth as your eyes widen, everything hitting you at once. Oh my god it’s him. Its him it’s him it’s him. Oh god everything was real. The angels, cybermen, daleks, oh god Rose and Martha and Donna and Amy and Rory, and Jack and oh god if Jacks real then Torchwood and Ianto and oh god. You don’t even realize youve just said all that out loud as he sets his hands on your shoulders. “Are you alright?? What you were saying…how did you know that??”

You are full on crying now, tears running down your cheeks, and you can’t help when you embrace him. “Oh my god it’s you and your real and you’ve saved Earth and everyone so many times and I can’t believe it and just thank you and Im sorry for all the bad stuff that happens.” He awkwardly hugs you back before you pull away and wipe at your face with your sleeve. “Uhm, sorry f-for that. It just, uhm…” you don’t know how to explain it. How important he is to you, how many amazing people you’ve met because of him, how much he inspires you, how much you look up to him. Heck, you’re probably insane right now.

The Doctor just looks at you for a moment before grabbing your hand and pulling you inside. Your eyes widen as you stare at the bright room and, “Oh god it’s bigger on the inside.”

He grins like a child when he hears that. “I love it when they say that!” He flits about the room as you stand there, wringing your hands out, knees shaking as you stare wide eyed at everything.

“Now!” he exclaims. “How would you,” he points at you, excited. “like to come for an adventure?”

You can’t get the words out fast enough. “Yes. Please, take me.”




This post is NOT OK.

ok fuck you this is unfair

Oh god I’m overcome with feels.

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