Filli/Killi is mainly under 'Fiki' but you can find some things under Durincest. — Anonymous

THANK. seriously i was having a crisis there. 

i’ve seen durincest before, usually with some thorin throw in there, but fiki whaaat i had no idea.

hey i know this is totally none of my business, but if that is your dream college you should really go anyway, because you are going to die in 90 years, and i encourage you to live life how you want to live it until then- don't worry about money because you'll find a way and live tomorrow no matter what- college is not for everyone but if it's for you, don't limit yourself just because of paper — Anonymous

yeah, anon, i can see where you’re coming from. but i mean, i’m just looking for a college that has my major. the school’s so incredibly overpriced and i know i still need schooling after college.

location and everything’s not really a big deal to me — i just suck it up because i’m not there to enjoy the scenery, you know? and besides, i have plans to have my career in the city, so what’s a few more years? there’s a mental list of pros and cons, and “it’s your dream school, why the hell not?!” is definitely on there in big bold letters.

i have a couple other schools that i would be happy to get into, but at 32 grand a year….i feel like i would be more relaxed somewhere else. money’s more important than happiness to me.

but thanks for sending me this message, anon! you make a really good point, and believe me, i’ve thought of it. it’s always good to hear someone else’s opinion. <3

dreamrabbit replied to your post: NO OKAY I CLEANED IT UP A BIT THIS IS AWESOME I…

I will excuse you nothing because I was not prepared for that level of gorgeous and glam. You should warn us all in advance in the future! ;) (Seriously, I thought your hair looked faaaaantastic! :) )~DreamR

AW. guh, this put the most ridiculous smile on my face. <3