At his side. As if you’ve always been there and always will.

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This episode was very heterosexual.

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he is like
the universe in one breath
you are choking (x)

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#so let me break this down #james t ‘nothing is more important than my ship’ kirk #will sacrifice everything including the enterprise #for spock #because not having him would be like missing his soul #because you know this is the same film with ‘spock’s soul is my responsibility’ #now I’m not saying they’re soulmates #but they’re soulmates

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“Spock and Kirk…They’re two halves of almost the same person in many ways.Kirk is the heart and the gut and the soul and the passion and the impulsiveness. And Spock is that kind of cold logic and reason. (…) And I think both Spock and Kirk have something to learn from one another.” - Chris Pine

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