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                         { side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all
                                        with flames from the dragon of darkness  
                                               the sunlight blinds his eyes }

◇ independent fili roleplay blog 
pacific us time zone
◇ mun/muse of age
◇ default quest-based, but with other timelines/au’s
◇ generally uses icons/small text
◇ script- and para-style, with everything in between
◇ multi-verse and fandom friendly, but prefer universes
    that make a bit of sense to have dwarves running around in

                                        { you said we were born with nothing
                                         and we sure as hell have nothing now }


Okay, since it’s, uh. Friday (…right?). I lied, it’s Thursday.

I’m bringing back an old academy game I made up. Rec room, ten minutes. No exceptions.

  1. Generate a number from one to ten.
  2. Close your eyes and scroll through the (alcohol) drinks on the replicator.
  3. Choose a drink and do this until you’ve got the number you generated.
  4. Drink.

It’s a shame I never named it. “Replicator Roulette” has a nice ring.



          {  } He’s taking too many pain-killers — little white pills that are stark contrast to the dark palm of his gloves — but he can’t find the heart to stop. The word “placebo” almost comes to mind, but then his feet almost stop aching and his head almost stops pounding and he can almost pretend that he still doesn’t smell the industrial-brand disinfectant, even after a sweltering shower.

It’s not much of a life, he thinks (but only sometimes because he doesn’t want to worry the others). It’s cleaning and going through the motions and drinking and smoking and a deep cough after he smokes more than he should, even though he’s technically already dead. It’s almost living — not quite there and sometimes it feels like a huge fucking act where the hook comes out and he’s dragged off stage.

But then they laugh and smile in their little enclave of the lost and he can forget. He sets his alarm for 16:00 and fills a cup of Tesco’s Rich Roast granules that taste a bit like piss when the sun’s coming into the kitchen too much and he almost-lives. He’s the last not-survivor of a world war, poking at the coffee film at the top of his mug. A cold-blooded murderer who walks into a hospital with his fingers itching for something he prays to some god means he wants a cigarette. 

          He’s not really sure what he’s living for, but he can’t find the heart to stop.


Did anyone else see the moon last night?! It was so bright! 


I tried to clear some of the cloud cover, but hey, I can only do so much.


i present to you a prime example of rp on facebook:

This just showed up on the timeline of my RP Facebook and…I can’t.

Also, not the first time she’s done this:

‎-walks into the bar ur in,i quickly go to the back to change in a nice brown curvy flowy shirt straples with high heels ,skinny jeans and a leather jacket.seams human.smirks as u walk behind me.takes a sip from the bottle of juice.comes back out as a waitress in black short shorts and a tight black shirt with the logo across the breast.goes to ur table with paper and pen.smiles.-can i help u with anything?-looks at u then sam.wares converse to show my long luciouse legs perfect tan and soft.curvy and sexy.-“

what even is that thing?

an AU rp

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Previously, on The Walking Dead What Even Is That Thing….


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that awkward moment when there’s a randomized “which avenger are you” thing and sam gets black widow and then you see dean get hawkeye