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I watched this Movie (Monsters Inc) some Days ago and this part made me laugh so hard, I got this Idea and just had to make it O3o 

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So much better than a cellphone picture :)

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I’ll never wear your broken crown.

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You’re Jack Frost! You make a mess wherever you go.

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The idea that Mabel would be infatuated with Jack wouldn’t leave my head and so I drew this
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“Let me taste your deepest fears.”

Other quotes I thought of were:

  • I will devour you and leave nothing but fear


  • Let’s make out~

I hope it’s not too dark on other screens…

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1666 by *Ymirr

((This was painful, i got lazy towards the end. But yeah, inspired by Rufftoon’s comics, especially the battle one. The comics are said to be in the Renaissance, and i figured, hey perhaps this pisses him off and he ventures off on a crazy “spread fear” spree towards the end, and the the great fire of London came to mind. 

Now in the books Pitch can learn magic, he didn’t use fire but i figured meh, he came upon such a spell and shit happened. 

Holy crud!

(he’d probably would have gotten the same effect with just a lit torch and yelling “fire! fire!”, but this is more…nightmarish.)

And definitely fits into his taste of showmanship ;)

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Doodled some guardian eyes this week in one of my classes. I was probably supposed to be paying attention, but it just….didn’t work.

The artistic reason for Pitch’s texturing is because of the dreamsand he has. …The real reason is that I wanted something mindnumbing so I could try and put some focus on the class.


I may have tried their styles too and not just clothes, just as an experiment, mind you. But that’s a different story.

[OOC Note:] The pink dress is from a wonderful fanart that I got from an Anonfan:

And I think I saw “Pitch Gold” first time in here so credit for that:

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