do you ever just look at a roleplay you’re doing and think “damn. i’m fucking awesome.”


Did anyone else see the moon last night?! It was so bright! 


I tried to clear some of the cloud cover, but hey, I can only do so much.

also can i just take a second to remind everyone of the “if you ask, you start” rule in roleplay?

is this rule not as common as i think?

i mean, i don’t particularly mind starting since it gives me a lot of artistic freedom, but if your oc isn’t gonna be in a small town or certain weather or ect, i don’t know that. if you’re even partially familiar with the canon i’m playing, you probably know enough to get a sense of where he absolute would/would not be

plus just common courtesy kthx

"do u want to rp" they ask, with an icon of a scene teenager making pouty lips and a nonchalant “i don’t care” expression. their bio is a list of their own quotes that don’t make sense and prove how badass they are.

"r u there" they ask

"do u want to rp with me"

i run.

you know that point in rp when you start adapting the character’s speech in order to help play them better, but instead you just lose yourself in the process and start talking and acting like the character, even when you’re not trying to? in everyday conversation and in your thoughts because it gets to the point where it’s easy and comes naturally?

yep. i’m just a step away from an asylum

So at one point last night, I was just lying awake, trying to think of all the characters I’ve roleplayed. And I figured I should probably write them down somewhere because I feel like I forget a lot of them. ….also, ‘cause i wanna see if i have a certain “type” or whatever.

This is a pretty extensive list that branches back…probably eight years, at the earliest? But pretty much every major anime and any fandom I was/am in, I have rp’d someone from it.

Some of them were only for one week or something, but some have gone on for months or even years (at different roleplays), but since about 90% of my rps consist of canons, I’m just listing those.


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don’t mind me, just rp/character feels

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Alright, so maybe we could stand to have her around, again. Our current Artemis RPer is resigning and junk, opening up the position of our resident archer on the Team even though Roy would fit in better and stuff.

ARTEMIS | Artemis Crock hag.

she smells like cupcakes, she’s rude, she’s crass, she’s totally not a good archer. but we’d like to see her in game. she’s… yeah, she’s important.

Okay, help me out here.

I saw this the other day and I did a pretty impressive double-take.

Someone was talking to someone else about having their RP characters be in a relationship together and they both seem pretty into it. No harm, right?

Well, one of the people goes—in OOC—‘haha your a girl, right? :p’. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen before and it always confused me (but c’mon, i’m pretty much indifferent to sexual orientation so i’m not a good person to ask about these things).

Now, I’m all for free will and choices and shit. It doesn’t bother me, really. I’m just kind of curious. But I guess I’m kind of asking why it matters to some people on what gender the player is?

Is it because they feel like someone who’s the opposite gender of their character can’t play the character well enough or because they feel uncomfortable playing out romantic scenes when they know the other player is the same gender?

Is it just personal preference? 


Yeah buddy.

We’ve spread to tumblr. I’m pretty sure all of these lovely people could use questions, anon is on.