Richard Armitage on 1xtra

His hearing has failed, so the guard yells into his ear,
"No one else but you could ever have obtained admittance!
No one else could enter this door! This door was intended only for you!” //

"you said my name right"


oH MY GOD NO WAIT i forgot to tell you guys the best part of the interview

so one of the questions was “tell me a joke” and i was all “oh fuck no shit shit shit” for two seconds before i remembered the only joke i could

the one richard armitage told to martin freeman that was awful because he can never remember jokes

"a blonde walks into a bar. you’d have thought she’d have seen it."


latif must speak in the only language the west understands.


wow okay so would anyone happen to have the link to this video???


that would be richard armitage and if i vaguely remember he was in a trailer for the hobbit shooting and there were various other dwarves with dumb hats?? i have had no luck so

obligatory question mark??

found! many a thanks to worldofarmitage