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the battle of azanulbizar + tilt shift

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spectacular mmo lord of the rings online

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oh my god.

so i went outside to investigate and it was not my dude neighbor, it was actually two very nice, elderly women were totally fucking wasted and lying on the carpeted hallway.

They  just came back from a bachalorette’s party and had the keys to the place, but the door wouldn’t budge and their sleeping mother (who looks the exact age as them; pretty sure my neighbours are a coven of witches) wasn’t wearing her hearing aid. 

So they gave me the keys and I kept twisting and turning, while one yelled “LEFTIE LOOSIE, RIGHTIE TIGHTIE, THAT’S HOW IT GOES” and the other yells “SHUSH YOU’LL WAKE THE NEIGHBOURS”.

Then we were all screaming their mother’s name “BARBARA” and finally she opened the door.

Moral of the story: always help witches out. Your crops will be plentiful. 


What do you want for Christmas this year? [x]

Quick! Send him one (or 100) now! :P


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my fingers are bruised. im building a shark head and eating nachos while watching soa and crying. welcome to finals week

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aidan turner 040.040

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Lovely little Balin in a comfy sweater (that Ori probably knitted) and he really loves it

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  • Cepasa - Delicious 

Director - Evgeniy Kuponosov  [x]

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