I’m not going to sugarcoat this; You guys better click that link and REBLOG IT, I’m serious. Don’t complain about how bad it’s doing right now or much you want it to do well or how much you want a sequel if youre not willing to help Dreamworks spread it and promote it when they’re TRYING to work with us!

I’ve been in the Megamind fandom for TWO YEARS and have watched it crumble from top of the box office for the first 2 weeks and 3 planned sequels, more shorts, and a cartoon series to ZILCH NOTHING NADDA GONE DREAMWORKS STOPPED GIVING A SHIT THE CHARACTERS ARE BASICALLY DEAD. I have stood here and tried DESPERATELY with other fans to get Dreamworks to care about Megamind and it’s a terrible thing to go through when you love something and believe in it as much as I do. We didn’t GET a warning and we had the truth hidden from us for months, believing for at least half a year that there was a sequel in the works. We acted way too late when our numbers were shrinking and the hype was over. I am telling you ROTG fans from another Dreamworks fandom that has been burned VERY BADLY to GET OUT THERE AND GET LOUD before it’s too late. Dreamworks doesn’t give two shits about DVD and iTunes sales, even if the Megamind DVD did way better than they expected (as I’ve been told from within DWA), they still left it to die. YOU HAVE ONLY NOW TO MAKE THIS WORK. I AM WARNING YOU. DREAMWORKS DOES NOT CARE BEYOND BOX OFFICE SALES. THERE IS NO SUGAR COATING THIS. PANIC TIME IS NOW.

This is TUMBLR, we are the people who vote-bomb FOX and CNN when they’re homophobes, we’re the ones who signal boost injured animals and kids who need donations and get them well over their donation request amount. WE ARE NOT POWERLESS, you guys. But you HAVE to act. If you want this, ACT LIKE IT. Tell everyone. Take friends to see it. Write to the local newspapers and newstations and ask them to talk about it because it deserves the recognition. Call your radio stations. Ask your favorite bloggers to post about it. Ask celebrities to tweet about it. Get together with the local ROTG fans and work together! DO NOT WAIT. YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME.

If you want ROTG to do well, we gotta work together and help Dreamworks out because they have the advertising skills of a wet rock and rely way too much on word-of-mouth. If you don’t do this, it will be shit like Afro Circus all over again for the next however many years and the poor artists at DWA will have to put up with drawing/animating that shit for another 3+ years because the general people are telling them that THAT is what they want to see from them.

I believe in you, Tumblr. Please don’t let what happened to the Megamind franchise happen to Rise of the Guardians. PLEASE.

This is an important post.

Having been in the Megamind fandom, I remember how heart breaking it was to have such a loving, close, creative fandom, but no love for the movie outside of it. We’ve got to get more people going to this movie; we’ve got to get family, friends, classmates, anybody to go see this film (repeat viewings won’t hurt either). Anything to help get this film the finances and drive to make more of this. Not only Guardians sequels, but other quality films by this studio. DreamWorks has made a huge step up by making this film and it needs all the recognition and support it deserves. So please, spread this post and spread the word.

The Guardians need to be believed in…