so i have this moon phase thingie on my phone and out of curiosity, i looked at my birthday

on my 18th birthday, there’s a full moon

a full moon

if there’s ever a time for something really fucking magical to happen, it’s this year

when i become a moon queen with a flowy white gown, i’ll employ all of you

Alright, so I have this moon phase calendar on my phone, and out of curiosity, I went to see what the moon phase will be on my eighteenth birthday.

It’s gonna be a full moon.

On the eve of my eighteenth birthday, there’s a full moon.

If there’s ever a chance I get magical powers, this is it.

holy crap guys

the moon looks really fucking cool tonight

it’s a lovely gold colour for now

Do you think we were all created for a purpose? I’d like to think so.

(via vladbride)

The moon is so goddamn bright right now my phone camera can’t even capture the way it’s illuminating the low hanging fog like it’s some goddamn horror movie. That creepy ass black thing to the left is either satan or a creepy tree.
If i die tonight, it was probably demons or vampires or werewolves or Freddie.