Matt: You know what, I… This is the genuine truth… I had no idea that William and Kate had had a baby… Until just now, when you said ‘He’s called George’ and I said to the guys in make up, I said… ‘Have they had the baby?’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, and I was like, ‘Oh…’

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Reasons why you should like Matt Smith

My first powerpoint don’t be too harsh

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Matt and Arthur at Doctor Who Convention on Swimming with the Sharks (x)

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101 reasons to love smillan

  ↳ reason 5 - nick-names (mostly)

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“I am telepathic but I just don’t tell anyone.” -Matt Smith

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Matt and Jenna on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Video here.

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Doctor Who’s cast and crew secretly assembled to give Matt Smith a big birthday surprise!

Jenna Louise though.


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