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So like I said, I got my order from Shiro Cosmetics today because I saw the Hobbit Collection and god damn. I just want to say how fucking gorgeous all of these colours are and the art and descriptions that come with it only add to the effect.

The three colours (including the sample I got) are

all the photos are taken in my bathroom like the professional i am

but hell ye and look at that swatch
(l-to-r) war of five armies, kind under the mountain, lingered in twilight

First up is War of Five Armies, which is described as “near-matte, the darkened red-brown of blood spilled on earth which basically describes my emotions about WoFA/BoFA. True to the description, it’s this dark, dark red, almost-but-not-quite black in the shadows. 

Next is King Under the Mountain, which is described as "lost on the way to Bilbo’s house, you useless pretty ass"rich earth and stone, filled with silver and sky-blue sparkles" and that basically sums it up. It’s this gorgeous, gorgeous sparkly colour that’s not quite one colour or another. It’s really build-able, so you’re able to get that dark sort of sparkly effect or that layered silver.

It’s also a proven scientific fact that I feel 1000% more dwarf-y while wearing it.

In the corner of my eyelid, there’s the Lingered in Twilight colour, which is described as “a twilit forest: blackened blue and green tones with slightly metallic shimmer” because god damn if you don’t want to look like a twilit forest, you’re wrong.

i don’t even know what to do with myself because these are above and beyond what i expected like seriously guys if you like pretty eyeshadows just go buy them ffffuck

idk if i posted about it here but i treated myself last week and got ~urban decay eyeshadow~ wowee sixtEEN DOLLARS FOR ONE HAHAHAHA thank god it looks neatO

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tries to do natural eyeshadow

ends up with the darkest eyeshadow physically possible 

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Whaaaaat, a makeup review? Yeah, weird. I know.

L’oreal Infallible Plumping 6 hr Lipgloss in “Plumped Red”

I got mine at Walgreen’s, where on their site, it retails for $10.99. But they had their stuff marked down and I got mine for about six bucks. 

On the right is my natural lips (which you all should keep in mind I had no correcting foundation on, so be nice…) and the left is with it applied and after waiting about five minutes for the plumping ingredients to kick in.

It’s also worth a note that these pictures are unedited, but as so, they’re a bit washed out. Everything’s a little more saturated in person. Also on that note, I’ll ask you pardon the messy application. I’ve had a bit too much coffee today.

Pros: It has a neat applicator that I (although not everyone on the internet agrees with me) happen to like, and it goes on really well. There’s no weird taste or smell.

The colour’s pretty pigmented in this shade, at least, and there’s some nice subtle pink and gold glitter in it that I imagine would look absolutely fantastic in sunlight.

Someone I know got another shade and it looked fantastic, so don’t worry if you’re not keen on bright reds. 

Also, it definitely looks like it plumped my lips. My lips are pretty big, at least height-wise, so I try not to use too much lip plumping stuff, but this stuff is subtle enough so that I don’t look like I got punched in the face.

Cons: It’s not a true red (but I’m a sucker for deep, dark reds, so I may be biased). Also, because it’s a lipgloss, it’s sticky. However, I just try not to wear it when it’s windy so my hair doesn’t blow into it.

The price is a little steep if you can’t catch it on sale, though.

It definitely doesn’t last for six hours, but these things never do. The longest I’ve clocked it so far is three and a half hours, where the pigment was still as bright as when I put it on. Following that, I haven’t really tested.

Verdict: Solid 8/10. It’s a bit expensive, but it does exactly what it says on the tin, if not for “six hours”. I never really trust labels anyway. But the colour is so fantastic that it’s worth the buy if you can catch it on sale.

okay just put on some of this l’oreal paris infallible plumping 6 hr gloss in plumped red because it’s nearly six and i can see how long it stays on now

i give it three hours optimistically because it’s so pigmented but we’ll see

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