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Ty, how many drugs have you taken? All of them?

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(I’ve replied to another post on Karla with this testimonial, but I need to take hold of it as my own in its own right.)

I had to watch Karla for a class I was taking on how different forms of media portray crime.

We had just finished watching two documentaries on the Green River Killer and Ted Bundy, and then we watched Karla.

After two of the most disturbing documentaries I have EVER experienced, it was this film that had me walking out the door before class was over. I went to the bathroom and vomited, and waited outside the hallway until that thing was over with.

Now, actors take roles of all kinds. I myself have played a woman who watches her own son drown in a river because she wants to save her marriage so desperately and she sees that as an opportunity for reconciliation. I’ve read Sarah Kane’s work, which has characters eating another character’s eyeballs and eating dead babies.

But there is a great divide in what stories like that represent, and what Karla represents. Karla is an extortion. It certainly doesn’t “hold the mirror up to nature” (to quote Hamlet). The only mirror Karla is holding up is one of those fucked up carnival ones meant to scare people.

And yes. Misha took the job. So. WHAT. Maybe this gig payed the fucking bills for two months. Maybe he WAS initially excited about the project. Maybe the idea of playing a villain intrigued him. And can I just say that it shows how incredible that man’s performing ethics are… that he stayed on the project after having to deal with a terrorizing director? The point is… NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW. NONE.


He has asked we do not watch it. And I don’t care how much of a “true” fan you are. If someone asks you to not do something and the repercussions of not doing that something ISN’T the end of the fucking world combined with every puppy on the planet dying slowly… you DON’T DO IT. 

In my personal opinion… unless you were one of the other 25 people in that room, you have no fucking reason to say you’ve seen it.

And you sure as hell better NOT mention it to me unless you want me standing on a bench and shouting to the whole world how thoughtless and sick you are.

Oh, and by the way… I’m an actor, motherfuckers. I wouldn’t have any shame in doing that.

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so i had my earcuff so tight that i pierced my ear again

so the power came on about three hours ago but i just woke up thirty minutes ago

and now i’m frantically trying to get all of my online schoolwork for the entire week done in a couple hours and find time to shower before it goes out again

yay power outages

today my brother wore an iron man helmet to school for spirit week

he didn’t get high fives or exclamations of how awesome it was

people made fun of him for eight hours

welcome to reality :D

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Rule 63 Batman

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