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#homeboy was literally busting out of that shirt

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Bah, I feel like I’ve copped out. I really wanted to be a monstrous alpha she-bitch this month. Oh well, one day I’ll shed this earthly vessel. :[

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look at my blog i tagged you in something <333 — superanthem

is it that thing with the tag i just blacklisted



imagetheavaricious replied to your post: no but did anyone gif that scene where mitchell…

can u not clog up the being human tag


im telling u this for the other being human fans, not for me

and im telling u that u smELL LIKE A PACK OF DOG SHIT

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imagetheavaricious replied to your post: you’re my 2nd tumblr crush, will you get a MOVE ON

that has NOTHING to do with the tumblr crush system

okay let’s face it you changing your url every week is basically the cause of everything bad in the world

I don’t believe in the no-win scenarios.

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it’s heaven on earth. or hell. 

anonymous asked: BENNY OR MEG?

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