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sketchy fili kickin ass and takin names

Richard Armitage on 1xtra

i don’t know if this is what the marketing team had in mind

the continuation of dori1

so i’m still watching the appendices and i went ahead and translated some of the simple khuzdul runes that are used for the films in the bts stuff (an anglicized version of some other khuzdul, created by tolkien to make the runes in the hobbit easier to translate, it being a children’s book) that showed up in what looks like erebor

not really spoilers but some khuzdul written in erebor so uh???


the first one is “(EA)RD - THE - SECRETS - HERE(K?)”

which probably is something rly dramatic like “HEARD THE SECRETS HERE”. no i don’t know what that last rune is doing there idfk i thought it was an h but it’s missing another line so i went with k or maybe it’s c-i

the second is


in this cap, it’s “HALLS-DU” if you look through the rest of this clip in the appendices (part 8, 34:08 in), you can see is says “HALLS-DURIN” which seems to wrap around the whole of that platform/whatever the hell it is

but yeah just some really neat stuff that’s fun to go in and decipher! 





holy shit

*spoiler warning to anyone avoiding it