occupation: the family disappointment

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The hardest places to live in the U.S.

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Favorite Pictures: Mark Sheppard

Asked by me because I do what I want.

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creepy fun fact about my room:

sometimes when the fan’s on and everything else is dead silent (like, when everyone else is asleep), i hear—or at least think I hear—singing or voices. it’s different than if i was hearing someone in another part of the house.

i always think my radio’s on, but it isn’t. then, the voices stop.

behind the scenes of an askdeannawinchester post a few days from now

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How long do you think it’ll take them to tell him the truth?

Steve thinks JARVIS is a person.

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Some new show: Hey, you!
Me: Hello, new show. What are you about?
Some new show: Oh, well, I feature a twisted plot, amazing main characters with a tragic background, a stunning soundtrack…
Me: What else?
Some new show: And we also have minor characters you will immediately fall in love with, marvellous costumes and scenery, two brothers who..


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