Jack Frost’s left foot.

(I bet this alone will get more notes than the picture of Bunnymund.) 

Kay, I know a lot of people are probably thinking this is kinda gross, but it’s not. It’s realistic. This is amazing on it’s own the amount of detail that went into this.
And people, try remembering that the guy drowned, and was in the pond for a undetermined amount of time… he was dead guys.. Jack is practicaly a  revamped corpse, he’s not gonna have the most perfect complexion or skin or whatever.

Also, his skin is VERY pale. Nails are technicaly lighter than our skin usually, but in Jack’s case, he’s so pale, his nails look darker than they actually are. You can even kinda see the blood vessels, and the pores. THAT is incredible!
He’s also been barefoot for 300 years. Give the dude a break. XD