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I did it I finally drew fanart for the hobbit g o d

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thanks peter jackson



Supercut of Robert Pattinson talking about how bad “Twilight” is. Compilation of clips from various interviews.

literally the funniest fucking shit i’ve ever seen

You can tell he was a million percent done with this as soon as it started. And it is HILARIOUS.

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Sheriff : Do you think that I’m going to be responsible for your arrogance and your incompetence again ?
Gisborne : You can’t be serious ? Put it down.
Sheriff : No, Gisborne. This time YOU pay my dues.


Robin Hood, 302

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my favourite part about young hercules is young ryan gosling and young dean o’gorman in tight leather pants

Graham will probably kill me for this but… [x]

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where are the gifs of ken stott dropping a cracker into a sleeping mark hadlow’s mouth and then trying to get it out

"They’re both very pretty, but they’re very stupid"

Peter Hambleton on Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner

[35:25 x]

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thanks gloin but tell us something we don’t know

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