Finals Week To-Do List


  1. Write a bunch
  2. Study hard
  3. Don’t eat real food
  4. Have nervous breakdown
  5. Cry
  6. Procrastinate
  7. Pretend like there’s nothing pressing to do
  8. Stare at words until they no longer make sense
  9. Forget how to make words
  10. Scream obscenities at inanimate objects

I have accomplished all but two of these things.

(via englishmajorhumor)

(Source: wopass, via englishmajorhumor)


don e  


me: “oh it’s monday! the start of finals weeks okay this is my time to do the best i can so i can get an awesome grade! this won’t be like last—”

body: no i have an idea let’s fuck up your sleeping schedule and have you go on the internet and look its a cat look at the cat what a cute cat here have some feels from that new animated childrens film you know what you should do you should make fanart for it oop it’s sunday and you need a shower

literally me during all of my finals