Gandalf takes Legolas and the hobbits to a gay bar. [source]

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Yeah, this is our cast. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Elijah Wood.

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elijah wood looks at you

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In the scene where Frodo is leaving everyone behind at Emyn Muil to take up the quest on his own, divers went into the water to make sure it would be free of any sharp objects or debris for Sean Astin to run into when Sam goes chasing after him. Although they gave the OK, Sean ended up stepping on a piece of glass that completely pierced his foot from top to bottom, requiring a helicopter to transport him to the nearest hospital and several stitches.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)



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Elijah Wood in drag…

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In all seriousness, everyone got hurt on this movie. Everyone was scarred and everyone went through, you know, a little bit of physical kind of pain. But if you’re talking about something life-changing, something huge, you know, something that really had a deep effect on all of us; not only the person that it happened to, but the crew and most of the Western Hemisphere… Orlando breaking his rib was huge.

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Elijah celebrating his 19th birthday on the set of LotR