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The line of Durin

“Gimli Elf-friend”

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Round 1, Bunnymund/Tooth, Sweet Tooth Caffe


Prompt: What I’d like to see is Tooth running a small but successful coffe shop and icecream parlour. It was originally just a coffee shop, but when Jack applied for a job (and Tooth couldn’t turn away the poor shoeless boy in the middle of winter) he suggested branching out and Tooth has since added icecream to the menu. Jack takes care of that for the most part.

As for the others, they’re regulars at the shop. North’s a toymaker, Bunny’s a painter (one that is just as happy to paint your house as run lessons for children), and Sandy’s an author who comes up with the most imaginative premises for his stories.

Pitch, the owner of a larger chain of coffee shops, has recently made Tooth an offer to buy her shop. She refused and things have just started going wrong…

Fill: Sweet Tooth Caffe


Sorry, not all of us get to work one night a year, am I right Sandy?

Sassy Tooth is the best Tooth.

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This was a big deal once.

Look at the CG animation on hair now:

oh my god, i remember watching the special features of the incredibles and they kept saying how difficult violet’s hair was to animate.

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Hawkeye, Iron Man and Black Widow…reunited. on Flickr.

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At the 2012 Long Beach Comic Con. Iron Man appears to have shrunk a bit.

Samandriel → holds dominion over imagination and helps us realize that a vivid imagination is a very healing tool to have, because we can visualize and create alternative realities with which to transform our own lives as well as the world around us. 

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