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guys can you just imagine how the conventions are gonna be with dj qualls and mr fizzles

i can see it now

jared thinks it’s one of the coolest things ever and a really great idea and it’s actually a really cool prop piece and he talks about how he wants a mr fizzles of his own because he and thomas would love it but he’d have to make sure sadie doesn’t accidentally eat mr fizzles.

jensen doesn’t fucking get the thing, but he doesn’t burn it because jared loves it so he still makes a big deal of dj pulling the fucking thing out like whenever jensen sees it he’s just like “oh christ, not the sock again.”

and then misha will fucking start talking to the sock and holding intelligent conversations with it and then use it to segway into an adorable fucking story about west pooping out a lego or something.

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it just occurred to me that dj qualls might not actually be a dj

like maybe what he uses as his first name is actually


why am i just now getting this