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  • there is an unlisted size: short (8 oz). This is most cafes’ “small,” but Starbucks shifted the sizes up a number of years ago (which is why “tall” and “grande” weren’t weird names then), making the venti the largest. You can get any hot drink short.
  • we have a number of flavor syrups that aren’t listed on the menu, just ask what we have. Also, despite what many customers think, we have peppermint year round, so we can make peppermint mochas and peppermint white mochas any time of the year. Gingerbread and pumpkin spice are seasonal, but we may not run out of stock for quite a while, so if it’s February there’s still a chance.

  • bring your own cup, save 10 cents. Might have to remind the cashier, we forget sometimes.

  • you can get a drink “for here” and get it in ceramic/glass, feel fancy, waste less.

  • edited to add: 50 cent refills on coffee, iced tea, or iced coffee (not espresso beverages)

  • iced large drinks have extra everything, on account of being 24 and not 20 ounces - extra espresso shot, extra pump of syrup.

  • it’s honestly not that annoying that you have a very specific drink order. It breaks up the monotony, and it’s nice not to be a vanilla latte robot. Sometimes people would ask for weird things that I’d make for myself later and end up liking! (protip: green tea latte with peppermint)

  • You can get the matcha green tea as plain, non-milk tea. It’s pretty cheap for matcha tea, too.

  • adding a syrup to a drink always costs extra (unless the cashier likes you/doesn’t care, which is frequent), unless it’s already in that drink. i.e., a caramel frappuccino with extra caramel doesn’t cost extra.

  • that delicious caramel sauce is in fact real caramel. That plastic-tasting caramel syrup is not. Many people don’t realize we have both - the caramel sauce is what decorates the cup of the caramel frappuccino and on the whipped cream, the caramel syrup is what flavors the actual frappuccino or a caramel latte.

  • a caramel macchiato is a vanilla latte with caramel sauce, and least (Starbucks: “most”) importantly, the espresso shot put on top of the steamed milk.

  • infrequently ordered, but delicious drink: a marble macchiato. It’s like a caramel macchiato but with half mocha syrup, half white mocha.

  • if you want a legit cappuccino and you see jugs of milk on the counter, ask for them to use milk from the fridge. Milk needs to be cold to foam that well. Likewise, if you want a soy cappuccino, you can be a pain in the ass and ask for soymilk from the fridge (they might not even have any in there), since soy will barely foam at room temperature, since the cartons are shelf-stable.

  • if you have no idea what to order, ask us. Since we get free drinks you can count on us trying every single drink in every disgusting combination. Our favorite drink will probably be something excessively complicated we’ll be happy to make for you.

  • on that note, if you’re like, green tea latte? disgusting or delicious? you can ask us to sample it. we’ll make a whole drink and split it into sample cups. No big deal, our manager will probably like us better for promoting drinks anyways, and you don’t have to spend money to find out raspberry mochas are gross and green tea is delicious.

  • same thing for pastries. We’ll sample it if you ask and we have enough (generally yes).

  • if you really like a certain coffee we have but we don’t have it brewing, you can ask for a french press version. French press generally tastes better anyway, and iirc it doesn’t actually cost any more and you can order whatever size you normally would. We’ll probably sample the rest of the pot anyway. However, this will take significantly longer since, for once, we actually have to brew the coffee ourselves.

  • we often forget or get too busy, but we actually have giftwrap, especially around the holidays. Ask and we’ll make that overpriced mug purty.

  • I had a few customers with impossible or silly requests. (1) impossibly hot beverages - in excess of 210F. guys. srsly. (2) people who ask for extra hot cappuccinos and are disappointed by them still not being hot enough. This is how a cappuccino is - there’s too much air/surface area for the foam layer to ever be hot. If you want hot, get a latte. (3) asking for less-hot milk from the pitchers we’ve already made. We can’t serve milk that has gone below 135, you have to have us make a fresh batch. Sucks for waste, better for you not puking.

  • in terms of dairy allergy/vegan stuff, the caramel sauce, white chocolate syrup, and pumpkin spice syrup all contain dairy. The chai contains honey. The whipped cream is 100% legit heavy cream. The caramel syrup, mocha syrup, and other syrups are non-dairy. This stuff might not matter to the lactose intolerant, but to some it does. For the caffeine-sensitive, the mocha syrup does not actually have any coffee - it’s chocolate sauce, and is just named that because it’s what we use for mochas. The “creme-based” list of fraps is usually pretty short, but there are usually more caffeine-free options, just ask.

  • there is also a size larger than venti, called trenta. its 30 ounces and you can get your iced tea, iced coffee, and refreshers in that size. unfortunately frappaccinos don’t come that large.
  • never feel bad about complicated drink orders. they’re fun to make.
  • the protein and fiber powder that is used in smoothies has whey in it, so if you’re lactose intolerant, you may want to ask for this to be taken out. 
  • blended strawberry lemonades give you brain freezes? try them shaken instead. [also with raspberry syrup because yum]
  • your drink doesn’t taste right? let us remake it for you.
  • want to try a new brew of coffee, but don’t want to commit to a whole pound? ask us for a 1/2 or 1/4 pound.
  • we are more than happy to grind your coffee beans for you. whether or not they’re starbucks brand.

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Meteora through the mist. (Greece).

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The striking Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. 






let’s reflect on this

fun fact! mirrors reflect each color equally, except for green. if you have ever seen a mirror perfectly aligned in front of another mirror, a.k.a. an infinite mirror, you can look through it and see that it becomes greener and greener. therefore, mirrors are technically green!

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Ocean road.

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Sunset. Borneo.

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How to pick the perfect video game

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Anatomy of a Pancake