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Look at that fear in Sam’s face.

Nobody takes Dean’s food.

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AUMEME;; Meg & Castiel as hunters.

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the thing about misha’s portrayal of leviathan that impresses—and creeps me out—most is the fact that if you look at his eyes in these shots, it doesn’t look like cas, and it doesn’t even look like misha.

there’s something dead about his eyes here that just freaks the shit out of me. it just looks like there’s something behind his eyes, rather than in them. he’s empty and hollowed and there’s something else inside him. 

the fact that misha can do that with just his eyes is incredible to me.

thank you for also noticing. its the whole reason why i loved levi-cas. his eyes look darker somehow and at first.i thought they did something digitally but i’m convinced it was all misha

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#cas you do all sorts of unnecessary angel shit to impress #castiel: flashiest angel in the garrison

his expression though

an angel of the lord doesn’t open doors

why try when you can fly 


why try when you can fly


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It’s amazing how much more the addition of the wings adds to everything—personality, drama, even a little humour. I love wings agh.

the last one omg

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