I just uploaded a deleted scene I did on Rise of the Guardians. You can see the whole thing on my website http://davederrick.com/story-boards/deleted-scene-dealing-with-sandys-death/

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Perusing scenes today and I noticed there’s a point during Jack’s betrayal where Bunny almost clocks him in the face o___o

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Here’s the winner of the raffle, Guardians and Pitch Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!

Bunnymund’s and Pitch’s costumes sponsored by Sandy, pretty obvious choices there. Also I attached the costumes as a little transparent .png if anyone wants those.

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And who do you even think inspired Burton in the first place?

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in relation to this

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Final design for Bunnymund! 

Settled with making him an Easterling (haha easter)  and Haradrim * u * / 

I knew though by doing this, that his outfit would be mainly red, so to add up for it, I changed his colorful emeralds to blue, and made blue ‘warrior’ paint on him in the shape of the markings in his original fur v u v
I didn’t make his hair blue though, as I see Bunnymunds fur as a very natural color in the Pooka verse, so making him blue haired would be un-natural in the man verse- so made him brown haired instead to look more like Hugh Jackman and to make it fit Lotr *___* / 

When I’m done with all of them, I’ll put them together for one big picture and put it on dA with all their finished descriptions and upload it to tumblr as well! c: 

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Rise of the Guardians by *Jonie182

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My ROTG kick continues and I’m reminded I can’t art. Just to kind of get some of my energy out sorta….

I dunno, I tried a couple of different styles here and basically punched myself in the face with Jack Frost feels. I have this headcanon that he’d talk to the Man in the Moon when it was a bad day or something, even if the Moon didn’t talk back.

I also really love the idea of Pitch coming out of the shadows to have a sort of form. I think it’s a real shame they didn’t go along with it in the film, but he turned out pretty fantastic in the end.

You can open in a new tab and it gets a bit bigger!

Legends Unite

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