Golden Palm Resort | Malaysia (by Vincent_Ting)


Stairway to the sea, Ventura County | California (by Jon Bakke)


Archipelago cinema in Koh Yao Noi | Thailand (by Büro Ole Schereen)

Earlier this month, a clutch of avid filmgoers experienced their own cinematic moment: Amidst the rocky shoreline of Yao Noi, Thailand, the group was delivered by boat to a auditorium floating in the middle of a quiet lagoon. The event was organized by Film on the Rocks Yao Noi, a new film festival, which commissioned the architect Ole Scheeren to build what he came to call the Archipelago Cinema, a large raft built out of recycled materials.


Kawerau River, Queenstown | New Zealand (by BigFrank)

(via travelingcolors)


Blue Lagoon | Iceland (by Fredrik Jeppsson)

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(only a little bit inspired by arrow)

So I should start doing quality dye jobs more often. ‘Cause it looks really cool when it’s in the sun, even if it looks a bit more blue in the picture.

It just takes so looooong.

I found thse sunglasses in my bathroom when I got home from school.

I thought my mom found them at some weird shop when she was in North Carolina, but they look worn in and they’re a little battered (shhh, not broken yet) so I’m wondering if they’re vintage or what. So no idea whose sunglasses these are, but I’m taking them.

But I feel like a cross between Lady Gaga and Tron. Aw yeah.

Haven’t asked my mom yet, but I think I found some new sunglasses for the summer.

ehhhh my hair’s been in a bun since i got out of school so it looks weird and i’m about to go to bed but WHATEVER

Click for full size.

New makeup test! Something super over-the-top this time (not that I haven’t done any that aren’t….), but I wanted something with a bit more colour. Even though it ended up still being dark.




Not that I’ll ever wear this somewhere except maybe a club (and even then, I’d need an outfit that stood out just as much). But today, I remembered I got some wicked E.L.F. eyeshadows in jewel tones, so I played around with those and a super red matte lipstick I picked up for like two bucks at a bargain store. 

I rather like some of these, since my skin’s finally clearing up and ect. …Maybe I’ll surprise you all with another icon change some time. Luckily you guys can’t see my gimpy ear here. <3


There was actually a picture that came out really sexy-like, to the point where it didn’t fit with these, but I’m not sure if I want to post it on here. I’m not keen on getting some labels thrown at me, especially when I’m nowhere near those labels. xD

But if people really want to see it, I’ll probably cave and put it up.

NOTE: If you want to know any of  products used, message me or reblog, I’ll be happy to let you know. <3