yes okay but are there any being human uk haunted house fics bc i really need this

if the vampires in being human can't be seen in photographs or mirrors then do you think mitchell even remembers what he looks like — arishocking


the ship that came out of nowhere aka where's all the fic of bloody angry vampire boys with a vague past
it's funny how ugly they get when they're fixing to die
open up your eyes 
you keep on crying
baby I'll bleed you dry

yeah okay say what you want but im still shipping the fuck out of mitchell/ivan

       on the wagon (part i)

for those of us who don’t have days off, who are told at hogwarts that “it’s probably best if you just stay in the canteen for the next five years”, who know that each day on the wagon means everyone’s waiting for us to fall off.

alternatively;;(a mitchell mix to get us through the day and a reminder to surround ourselves with good)

listen ;; 


          from ritz to rubble - arctic monkeys
but now the haze has ascended; it don't make no sense anymore

          i won’t let you down - the subways
you saw my heart so what does it look like?; it's not what you do but how it gets done; and now i've had my fun

          venus in furs - the velvet underground
i am tired; i am weary; i could sleep for a thousand years

          down the burning ropes - james vincent mcmorrow
as i clean the knife for the very last time; i think she knows; i think she knows; oh my god

          such a fool - 22-20’s
you hurt the ones you love the most; every time you lose your head

          bones - young guns
they say the spirit's willing; but the flesh is always weak; i found everything i needed; right beneath my skin

          fell in love with a girl - the white stripes
i said i must be fine 'cause my heart's still beating

          i’m not human at all - sleep party people
it's not your fault; it's my own fault; i'm not human at all; i have no heart

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