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The striking Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. 


Sunset. Borneo.

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BLOGWARTS: If the HP characters were on tumblr...Harry Potter: stream of angry texts posts a la "MY LIFE SUCKS. MY PARENTS ARE DEAD, MY MENTORS ARE DEAD, MY OWL IS DEAD MY WAND IS BROKEN AND MY SCAR HURTS."
Ron Weasley: food porn blog
Hermione Granger: social justice SPEW blogger calling people out on their bullshit. "let the elves decide whether they are house or garden. check yo privelege."
Ginny Weasley: "day 394-I am not yet dating harry potter" + gifsets dedicated to his scar.
Luna Lovegood: the nightblogger.
Draco Malfoy: hipster blogger
Filch: reblogs pictures/videos/gifs of cats.
Hagrid: the fluffy chicken girl-"if i get 700,000 notes my headmaster said I could get a chimera."
McGonagall: that one person who ruins everyones fun text posts.
Snape: anonymously leaves this in harry's ask "10 point from gryffindor" and then reblogs it.
Bellatrix Lestrange: fanart of her and the dark lord in compromising positions.
Voldemort: the blog that just steals everyone else's gifsets to gain followers - "Follow this lord, you will love him on your dashboard".
Dumbledore: all the gay porn

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Virtual Barbershop




   Okay so listen up. I was hanging out in the gamers lounge in my school’s basement skyping with some friends when this dude said “hi there” form a short distance away. When I responded with a smile and a hello, he approached me, smiled, shook my hand, and introduced himself. I told him my name, and he quickly asked if the other boy at the table with me was my boyfriend. I told him no, so he asked if I was single. I told him no again. He smiled and said “ohp! Okay! Thanks for your time then!” And then he complimented me. I told him I liked his Avengers shirt. He laughed and thanked me, said goodbye, and joined a nearby group of friends. I overheard them asking him how it went, and he said “oh she’s got someone else.” And they said “bummer.” And he said “well, let’s get some food!”

   BOYS, LISTEN UP. IF YOU APPROACH A GIRL WITH INTENTIONS OF ASKING HER OUT, THIS IS HOW I EXPECT YOU TO BEHAVE. First of all, he asked permission to approach me with an initial greeting. He shook my hand as if I were someone he respected. Before he pursued anything, he made his intentions clear and clearly asked if I was interested. And when it turns out I was not, he did not act grumpy or nonplussed. He kept his smile, took part in a short, polite exchange, and then LEFT ME ALONE. He did not insult me or act like a victim even though wow getting turned down is rough. He didn’t hang around or insist. HE WAS VERY NICE, AND I HOPE HE MEETS A COOL, SINGLE LADY WHO DIGS HIM. IF YOU BEHAVE AS HE DID< I HOPE YOU MEET COOL SINGLE LADIES WHO DIG YOU TOO.

A+ gentleman

I hope he meets someone too because wow kawaii

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