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i made this gif set purely for the fourth gif bc when i was watching it i thought fili was crying

it’s probably dean’s prosthetics but i’m going to continue to live in this world of hurt

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- Durin's Day falls morn after next. We must reach the mountain     before then.
- And if we do not? If we fail to find the hidden door before that time?
- Then this quest has been for nothing.

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                         { side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all
                                        with flames from the dragon of darkness  
                                               the sunlight blinds his eyes }

◇ independent fili roleplay blog 
pacific us time zone
◇ mun/muse of age
◇ default quest-based, but with other timelines/au’s
◇ generally uses icons/small text
◇ script- and para-style, with everything in between
◇ multi-verse and fandom friendly, but prefer universes
    that make a bit of sense to have dwarves running around in

                                        { you said we were born with nothing
                                         and we sure as hell have nothing now }

sketchy fili kickin ass and takin names

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surrounded: a (chill) mix
for the eldest who know what they potentially might become;
for the ones who aren’t whole when by themselves;
when the other half is on the edge of death;
but mostly for when you need to breath and think about when things were so much simpler 


i found my favourite subtitled cap from the auj appendices

bless his little cotton socks


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some in-progress shots while i cry about all the things i have to do this week and wonder why the fuck there weren’t enough brown colour at the uni bookstore