Steve, Tony can’t handle all your sassiness.

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i think one of the most fun things to do is consider the serious implications of events that happen in stories that rely on the suspension of disbelief

like: after what loki did to new york city, can you imagine the response from the american government? from the world? if 9/11 resulted in the patriot act, can you imagine what societal and legal changes such an incredibly powerful and devastating event would trigger in humanity, like

iron man 3 has tony stark dealing with ptsd, everyone knows iron man’s name and face after the battle of nyc, but the thing about marvel and superhero movies is that they’re always going to take place in a world that’s fairly familiar to us?

and the world after the battle of nyc would not be familiar to us

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Chris Evans was cast as both The Human Torch and Captain America because of reasons.

more like the human crotch and captain ass-merica

this is an important gifset

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