Scientists discover enormous alien planet

NBC NewsScientists have discovered a massive alien planet in the most distant orbit ever seen. 
The planet, which is 11 times larger than Jupiter, is fascinating scientists that study theories of planet formation. The most commonly accepted theory suggests planets orbiting close to their parent star begin as small bodies. Because this planet orbits its star at approximately 650 times the distance between the earth and sun, the theory does not explain its formation.
The planet was found using a thermal infrared camera on the Magellan telescope in Chili.
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Photo: An artist’s conception of a young planet in a distant orbit around its host star. The star still harbors a debris disk, remnant material from star and planet formation, interior to the planet’s orbit. (NASA / JPL-Caltech)


This is going to be a thing now; drawing all my favorite characters as Jaeger pilots.

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At his side. As if you’ve always been there and always will.

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I try not to think too hard about how these are my life choices.

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that was his nature too

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idk i thought T’mar was p/ cute and Jim being all dumb around her was cuter

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