Why couldn’t the man find his map


Because he lost his map

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shitty living conditions yaaaay

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today’s been a really shit day 

and also a really expensive day which is just as bad

i just got really angry at the sun because it kept shining in my face and then i realized the sun can’t do anything about it and, honestly, it can’t even hear me





Excuse me while I go off on a rather large rant about the controversy and complaints over Frozen’s character designs.

First of all, if you haven’t seen this video, watch it:

It’s not the characters, it’s the style. Snow White and the Blue Fairy have very similar styles, because they are from the same period of time of animation at Walt Disney Studios. Aurora and Anita also have very similar appearances, and they were ALSO from around the same time period of animation. Their styles very much differ from that of Snow White, but are similar to each other because they similar styles of animation. Alice and Wendy basically have the same faces, and they also share the same voice. Same for Lady Tremaine and Maleficent, same voice, similar facial structures and evil gazes, yet both really great villains. There are countless similarities among the various Disney characters, yet I have only witnessed Frozen take the unusually cruel beating for it. I could understand why people are comparing Anna to Rapunzel, because they are similar styles of animation. Are you forgetting how different their personalities are going to be, not to mention their voices? Wendy and Alice look very similar and have the SAME voice, yet people don’t seem to be bothered by that. I had to say something once I saw ELSA being compared to Rapunzel. Seriously? They are going to COMPLETELY contrast each other, and I really can not see a resemblance, other than the fact that they are animated in the same style. I compared Elsa to Rapunzel in these two pictures because the only reason they look similar is because they are in similar poses/making similar facial expressions. They really don’t look ALIKE. People confuse similarities and resemblances most likely because of the style. The similarities between characters do not affect the quality of the movie, which is what people are making it seem like Frozen is going to do. It is the STYLE, PEOPLE.

Just look at Glen Keane’s sketches of Rapunzel and Ariel. He is a prodigy in Disney animation, a HERO, a role model, an inspiration. Similarities between Ariel and Rapunzel’s faces can be seen, but that’s because it is his STYLE. Does not affect the greatness of Tangled, and I can bet you if Tangled and the Little Mermaid were in the same style of animation, they would look much more similar to each other. Would you critique it then? Would you have bashed Tangled and refused to see it? Call it uncreative and a disgrace to the Disney name? Frozen has not even come out yet, not with a full trailer even, and people are ripping it apart.

Disney is the most wonderful, creative, and magical company that could ever create such beloved movies. Please don’t doubt them in this shining moment. This new style has so much to offer us, and criticizing it is not going to change the final outcome. I truly believe that these movies have beautiful stories and characters to offer, and I have so much faith in Frozen that it covers up for anyone who has none.

I have complicated feels about this!

On one hand, super solid points about style (of which Disney is distinct.)

On the other hand…all of the first six comparisons are from 1961 or earlier.

  • Snow White - 1937
  • Pinocchio - 1940
  • Cinderella - 1950
  • Alice in Wonderland - 1951
  • Peter Pan - 1953
  • Sleeping Beauty  - 1959
  • 101 Dalmatians - 1961

Basically, each example is pre-dating the official Disney Princess line (i.e. the very context of the debate) which was conceived in 1990.

Between Disney’s reliance on the use of live models at that time and the technological (and sociocultural) growth that’s occurred between 1961 and 2013 I daresay it isn’t too off the mark to expect a little more visual diversity from the company.

That, and it’s a bit disingenuous to have an unfinished, uncolored shot of Ariel and Rapunzel considering color is one of the areas influencing the Anna/Rapunzel issue (though I see that OP is making a point about eyes, most likely).

Cause like…this:

turned out visually distinct from this:

While Anna/Rapunzel?

Not so much.

{Comparison pic source: Disneyisforprincesses}

**It’s also worth noting that criticism of the similarity between Rapunzel and Anna has been mentioned as a standalone problem, it is also discussed as a sub-point while analyzing the lack of racial diversity in Disney films. (Ex: Yet another blonde(ish), freckled, White princess from the land of no-princesses-of-color.)

*~They’re allllll whiiiiite and that’s the problemmmmm~*

lol turns out my feelings weren’t complicated at all!

here’s a few more wacky things to consider 4 you:

1.) maybe this means glen keane is actually not as amazing as we all seem to think he is because he draws very little diversity and I’m sorry it’s just a little less impressive to see the same five faces executed very very well — like can we consider often admire glen keane’s ability in the context of him drawing the standard normalized white disney character?

2.) are we really gonna bring in animation that was doubtlessly 2D modeling recycled into this argument like of course some of those characters looked alike they copied from old ones

3.) are you fucking telling me disney’s style is white people because i swear to god that’s all i’ve been hearing from disney fans regarding this bullshit “IT’S DISNEY’S STYLE TO PUT OUT ANOTHER WHITE ASS PRINCESS WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE, STYLISTICALLY THEY ONLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW WHITE PEOPLE.”

jhenne istg if i have to see one more white person whine that this shitty ass excuse for 3D animation is the epitome of disney’s “”“STYLE”“” and not their lazy fucking inability to use any other color other than two week old mayonaise and #fee0c4 i am going to lose it 


You want to talk about “Disney style”, OP? Ok, these movies are all from the Disney Renaissance, between 1992 and 1999:

So those are all Disney, all within seven years of work. Are you going to tell me they are not visually distinct? Disney is capable of working with various styles, they’ve show it before, you have visual proof right here. They are capable of designing very different aesthetics and characters between their movies and adapt them to the feel of the movie overall. One of the things about the Disney Renaissance is that while the movies follow a definite formula between them and a series of characteristics, like all being musicals, each movie had a very defined look and feel to them. Out of all the examples above, Hercules might be the most stylized one, but Disney has accomplished more. The Emperor’s New Groove is highly stylized:And then there’s their biggest achievement of character design, Atlantis:

And this is just a small sample, every single character in Atlantis has a very distinct design. This is a Disney movie, Disney is capable of taking risks, of thinking outside the box when it comes to their stories, characters and their designs. What we’ve seen of Frozen so far has shown laziness. Tangled worked and sold well, so let’s repeat the formula right down to aesthetics but set it on ice this time. No.

Even if it wasn’t already insulting and problematic that Disney is once again pushing a white, blonde, round faced princess on the public right after Tangled (and after PatF, which makes it look like Disney feels they filled their quota with Tiana and can now go back to generic European inspired whiteness), it’s insulting that we’re supposed to take lazy character models and a butchered story like it’s something 100% new and original. 

PS: Glen Keane is not a God and back when concept art of Tangled came out people did criticize how his sketches of Rapunzel were similar to Ariel. However, as it was pointed out above, the characters turned out visually distinct from each other in their final products. Anna has not moved away from being a Rapunzel with slight cosmetic surgery, nor will she as we have final renders of her already. Nor has Elsa, for that matter, who clearly uses the same face model. And unless they are supposed to be twins, they shouldn’t look exactly alike. There’s a way to show family resemblance without copy pasting the same face with a different hairstyle. 

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she raised a child at 19 as a single mother, graduated from harvard law with honors, and served as a senator for 6 years 

still the sandwich joke

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a girl walks into a classroom wearing a spaghetti strap shirt. immediately every boy within a 50 yard radius gets a raging erection. the teacher attempts to present a lesson but to no avail, no one can hear over the sound of every male student masturbating to this girl’s shoulders. why couldn’t she just wear a long sleeved shirt

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i just looked in the mirror and i look like a sporty goth this is what happens when i try to go places

i overheard someone on the tv laughing about benedict cumberbatch’s name and i could feel myself get a little defensive like “ey yo man let’s talk his acting too aight”

and that’s when i realised tumblr ruined me

one of the worst things about being a student and working every weekend is everyone around you is also “woW IT”s aLMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!1!!”

and you kind of just want to jump out the window