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#wait no I’m iron man #wait no, robert downey jr. for sure #fuck who am I #I AM A PLAYBOY BILLIONAIRE DOWNEY #fuck no that’s not right #I am Robert Man

#I am Robert Man

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His name tag…OMFG

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so do you think because the iron man script was basically improvised, that’s why we see rdj as iron man?

because he actually is tony stark? because what rdj was given was so slim that he would walk on to set and just be “okay. i’m just gonna say the first thing that comes out of my mouth”

this is just helping my theory that robert downey jr is secretly in possession of iron man technology and saving the world with the rest of the avengers cast

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do you think rdj was always tony stark or did he slowly morph into him once he got the role



#so do I tag this robert downey jr or tony stark?

I don’t care what anyone says. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.

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