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50 Favorite Comic Book Characters (In No Order)

Renee Montoya

“You’ve been where I have? Are you sure? Because somehow I don’t think you have. I just have a hard time picturing that. I have a hard time picturing you as Latina, for instance. I have a hard time picturing your parents as immigrants from the D.R. who go to mass every Sunday. And I don’t really see you as having to explain every time you see them why they don’t have grandchildren yet. Or why it is that you’re going to hell when you die. This isn’t Metropolis, Captain, and not just because our guy works at night. This isn’t the City of Tomorrow, it’s not San Francisco, it’s not New York. It’s Gotham, and if you want to see what that means, just check out your squad room. So you’ll forgive me if I ask you to keep your advice to yourself.”

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