aw yiss got my motherfucking ring in the mail


bonus: you get to see all my other rings right now

the new one is the skeleton hand oNE BLESS

wow u r white

that’s a hate crime

no that’s illegal possession of ivory or something jfc I’m getting bLINDED


refraction of the rays onto my skin is, uh

causing is to look more pale than it is

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Meanwhile, while Bunny’s forced to cover Jack’s shifts…

So, this was something that happened on one of my other other blogs that I’ll probably regret making in a couple of days. Basically, a really cool person made a walmartcashierjackfrost blog and then there was walmartcustomerservicetooth and I hopped on the bandwagon and two days ago.

….And then the same night about 8 more blogs popped up and the whole thing is spiraling out of AU control and I’m only a little sorry.

SO THE BACKSTORY BEHIND THIS is that Jack went gallavanting off to take a trip right before Christmas, and Bunny, who normally works in the Garden Center, has to cover for him, but sucks at it because it’s dealing with bitchy people aND HE CAN’T FIND THE FUCKING COUPON CODES IN THE LITTLE BOOK THING.

….i told you it was ridiculous

*human bunny because how animal. inspired a bit off iambunnytho because it’s such a perfect design sobbu

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