gandalf: alright bitches it looks like y'all gotta go through mirkwood to get to the lonely mountain
gandalf: i gotta go do some wizard shit so i ain't gonna be around to rescue your sorry asses
gandalf: SO LISTEN UP
gandalf: don't leave the path
gandalf: don't leave the path
gandalf: DON'T
dwarves: lol don't worry bro we got this
dwarves: *leave path*

so uh

i don’t know if it’s because tony made similar technology or if the foley/sfx artists just got lazy, but the sound effect of some of hydra’s weapons in captain america is the same as tony’s iron man repulsor blast, aka his palm blast thingy

i’m sure someone else caught this, but did we ever get an explanation?


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so i was reading lotr and do you know why they call aragorn strider

because of his legs

because of his long legs

the name strider is basically a nickname because aragorn’s a damn tall drink of water

Jared’s pet peeve with bathroom doors that don’t close or lock (x)

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What you have concealed, you shall become. You have no other choice. Your destiny will be fulfilled. The portal must be opened!

{{ I know she’s suffering in them and everything, but I need to express how absolutely beautiful she is in the last two panels. I think I love this scene so much because, up until this point, it had been so incredibly rare to see such an expression of fear and panic on her face before. It’s like the point of realisation that she can be incredibly vulnerable and human beneath her stoic exterior. It kind of gives me chills. }}

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you have not experienced true panic until you come face to face with an overflowing toilet

at a friend’s house

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so i just bit the actual fuck out of my tongue while trying to eat a damn sandwich

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