"But girls dont buy the merchandise!" They cry, while I nod and mutter "Yeah, because it’s shit!"


There was a post, well a few posts really about how DC generally doesnt give a shit about its female audience because we dont buy the same amount of merchandise or toys or apparel as male fans.

Now today I was shopping and spotted a Wonder Woman t-shirt, so I made a beeline for it. Ready to throw my money at DC, to become a walking billboard and swish around in a snazzy new Wonder Woman shirt.

As soon as I picked it up I put it back down in disgust and headed back to the mens section and picked up a guys Batman tee.

Why? Because emblazoned on the WW shirt were the words, in a glittery font “Girls Night!”.

Below this tshirt was another Womans fitted vest with the boys from the JL on it and the slogan “I need a hero!”.

I dont want to buy this shit. Why can’t they just give us a line of superhero stuff for women without insulting our intelligence?.

Where are my Black Canary knee high fishnet print socks? My Huntress pants? Where is my Mera inspired jewellry range for my more formal needs (because yes. I do require a sensible tiara).

Where is my Big Barda gym bag?

They don’t exist.

So instead I buy the guys stuff and alter it myself but then they assume its a guys money they’re getting.

And action figures? Shit I have ALL THIS FUCKING MONEY TO GIVE YOU DC but you wont give me a set of kick ass women figures that aren’t more offensively proportioned than Barbie herself.

I once saw a Catwoman figure whose waist was as thick as her neck.

Who statistically are the biggest consumers DC? Women. Don’t you dare pretend I aint here waiting to buy stuff, shit give me a utility belt purse with quick draw credit card release and i’ll give you my first born.

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What’s better than dog food? 

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“Wow you’re right, he is big!”

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Mindy Lee

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Hey, why are comics so expensive?


WELL, question I asked myself, the fact of the matter is, this question goes far, far back, and even ties into the question of ‘why is there so little visible genre diversity in comics?’ So let’s get to it.

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A short summary as to why I don’t think this “Justice League” movie will work out:

First, the Avengers did it first. We all know it. It’s pretty fucking obvious. And this doesn’t mean “oMG DC CANNoT DO THIS MARVEL DID IT 1ST!!!!11!!!”

Personally, I’m all for comic films in my theatres. I like comic films. They’re my guilty pleasure.

But here’s the thing with the Avengers: It was a fucking risk. 

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dang zatanna ur pretty flexible

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Wong Fu Productions: The Batman Catman Rises


But Luna!

This is relevant.


*dead laughing*

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Dean misses Bobby.

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