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Interviewer: What inspires you to make art?
Dean O'Gorman: I can't spell very well. I'm useless at maths. I like pictures.

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wanted to try it out~

Thorin and Gimli look so grumpy nwn

oh my god I’ve been such a fan of your art for so long I’m just so happy you did Tolkien things I’m crying

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Brothels in Middle Earth



Hmm… well, I don’t think that Tolkien ever talked about this himself (and given his views on sex, that’s not surprising.) So this post is really more speculation/opinion than anything else, just to let you know. And I think the existence of brothels is more or less likely, depending on the culture/race:

Elves: The elves would not have brothels. Definitely not. For elves, sex = marriage, literally. So a brothel would really be more like a seedy, 24-hour marriage chapel than anything else. So, no brothels for the elves.

Dwarves: I think it’s unlikely that there were any brothels among the dwarves. Very few dwarves marry, and this is mainly attributed to the fact that only about a third of the dwarvish population is female. With women in such high demand, I don’t see how a brothel would be a sustainable business. Of course, if you’re of the opinion that homosexuality is common (or, heck, even exists) in Middle Earth, then one could argue that all-male brothels might be common among the dwarves. I still think this is pretty unlikely, since Tolkien makes it clear that dwarves love very jealously. Jealousy doesn’t coexist well with prostitution…

Orcs: I think that brothels, as an institution, are sort of unlikely among orcs, purely because brothels are actually a pretty civilized way to go about having sex. Somehow, I doubt that orcs could handle it (plus, you’d have to decide what sort of economy orcs have - do they even have money? See more about orc society here.) I think that orcs would rely instead on more brutal methods when it comes to sex.

Men: Ah, men. If anyone in Middle Earth has brothels, it would be the men. Though this depends on your own personal views/beliefs about men and extramarital sex (some see it as “people got urges”, while others lean more towards Tolkien’s idea of “chivalrous love”, and that Middle Earth’s men are just above such things. It’s entirely up to you.) Assuming that brothels did exist among the men of Middle Earth, then I think that we’d see them more in larger towns or cities, such as Edoras, Minas Tirith, Dale, and probably Bree. I do not think that the hobbits had brothels, though. It just doesn’t seem to be their style.

SOURCES: My own mind, mostly. But some thoughts/ideas are based on information from: LOTR Appendices, Histories of Middle Earth vol. 10 (“Laws and Customs Among the Eldar”)

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thorin-swaggershield replied to your post: onE OF THE BEST THINGS SOMEONE WITH AN AUSTRALIAN…



college; the musical 

featuring such hits as:

  • the fuck do you mean this textbook is $250 
  • why am i the only one in the group doing the assignment 
  • final exams more like no 
  • how did my gpa get so low 
  • this ta really needs to stop 
  • i’m never going to finish this 7,000 word essay by tomorrow 
  • how did my gpa get so high (reprise) 

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