bE QUIET. — superanthem

Rush: -accidentally calls me-

Me: -hears male in background-

Me: Oh damn. Who is that? Is he cute?

Rush: -hANGS UP-

HAPPY PI TIME — superanthem

wow fuck you

hey rush

come over

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you know when there’s a ship you don’t ship but there are fics of that ship and the plot lines are really amazing and look like it would be such a good read bUT YOU DON’T SHIP THE SHIP AND YOU JUST


why is this gif so acCURATE

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YOUR ICON yes good — superanthem

my true form has been revealed

buckle up

this is what I put up with

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This strange and unidentified creature was caught in the Willard Library’s security cameras.

Willard Library is bookmarked on my PC for easy checking. The moment I ‘entered’ the room, there was this creature that seemed to be crawling towards the cam. It had no hands, no face and was wearing black and gray. There is a small footstool on the left which after the creature vanished, was now on the right side. Then the books atop the shelf on the right, were replaced by a black cover with something under it. Still later, not by much, the white chair was pulled from the small table.

Gladly, my pics are being submitted for your interest. Please forgive there being so many, but many things happened with no one in the room. Do you know what it is? Or how the stool moved? And the books on top-where did they go? My eyes never left the room!:”

—Veronica Whittington

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