"I heard that this hunky guy from Lord of the Rings, Karl Urban, was going to come in for Bones. And quite frankly, you know…Ok, I thought it was going to be a COMPLETE waste of time. ‘The stud from Lord of the Rings? The killer from the Bourne films? From NEW ZEALAND? HE wants to play McCoy?’ But actors are actors and when they’re good, they can do anything. My mind was open. A little bit. But he came in and was so funny and so good that it reminded me that you never know with actors. He came in and channeled this divorced, drinking Southern doctor and I was just blown away. Taught me a lesson, too. Never underestimate what a good actor can do."

—J.J. Abrams (via steamedporkbun)

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for the record this is 3000% someone else’s fault

i don’t know whose exactly but i know it’s not mine

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