finals done

roommate gone

everything i own mostly packed up

crying over andrew garfield as peter parker

hello friend. i am sorry to bother you, but that rabbit pop-out video you posted was very triggering for me, as the bunny was dead and had a string tied around its neck (further research/a friend of mine has taught me that the creep has more videos like that with more dead animals in addition to really racist shit). i was wondering if you could be more vigilant in the future and try to tag either "animal death tw" or "animal cruelty tw." sorry to be a bother. — Anonymous


i did not realize the rabbit was dead. the video has been tagged. while there are no future plans to knowingly post images of dead animals/rabbits, they will be tagged as such.

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do you think loki ever fucked up his magic wardrobe quickchange trick? like he's goin for a suave armani suit and accidentally ends up with a scuba diver getup instead. dramatic entrance completely fucking ruined — arishocking

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wow a quarter past four pm time to go to sleep


I thought I should share some things I’ve collected

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there’s this thing they don’t tell you about adulthood… 

it’s not about missing the “young” life — that time where you didn’t have to worry about bills, rent, work. 

it’s missing that younger you, and the things you did when you were free of adulthood. somewhere along the line, when you aren’t even looking, you slough off that old you, and you don’t get it back.

i’ve been an adult for 6 years now, but adulthood? this is still new. and right now, i miss old me something awful. she didn’t have it all figured out, and was better off for it. 

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