Watching the ponies - Level Durin. 

R.I.P. dear tree which got killed by Kíli… /D

Kíli: ewi-kee
Fíli: susu—chan

Photos taken & edited bybittersuites


My eyes hurt from all this amazing assaulting them!

amazing pervs


WEH holy crap i obviously forgot how to draw naked bodies during this year so yea. i definitely need lots of practice, lots of it.

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have you ever just had a really trying and tiring last few days and you finally sit down and you just go “wow when am i gonna be done with this??”

and then you realize you’re nowhere near close to being done

oh my god is this the beginning of a future purchasing addiction

i just looked in the mirror and i look like a sporty goth this is what happens when i try to go places


Thorin butt. Because reasons.

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I literally cannot put into words how much I don’t care about spending money on some showy pseudo-accolade with people I dislike to get a diploma that I don’t actually get at aforementioned ceremony.

It was four years of shit, not the celebration of something better than public high school.

I’m just gonna start wearing a huge sign that says “DON’T TRY TO CONVINCE ME TO WALK. STOP RIGHT THERE. PLEASE STOP.”

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also sorry if it doesnt make sense i just kind of scribbled them in a shot

but tl;dr lacy panties and hairy dwarf legs

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what if we actually don’t have reflections and that’s just what we imagine ourselves to look like