im really sorry if i offended you at all, i thought what you did in gimp was really clever and wanted to tell you. i was the one who anon'd you about the snow, too. i do follow rushinreindeer (is that who you meant) but i don't know him/her at all. i can stop messaging you if you are uncomfortable with it if you'd like me to. — let-the-bok-choy-run-free-deact

Nah, mate, don’t even be sorry. It was a huge misunderstanding on my part and frankly, I was a bit of a douchebag. |D 

My askbox is always open, anon or not! So don’t ever feel uncomfortable, yeah? <3

And I’m glad you think what I’ve done in gimp was clever! Surprised as hell, because it’s tumblr and literally everyone I follow is a god with a tablet and a computer, but glad. Thank you for the compliment~