Your blog in its entirety is quality, don't ever think otherwise! :) Man, I've always wanted to visit the US, such a variety of landscapes I'd like to see. Washington isn't a mountainous area, then? I live in Australia in the subtropics so the only snow we get is way down south. D: I just watch a lot of ROTG gifs instead haha — Anonymous

oH LORD PRAISE HOW DO I ACCEPT THANK? you’re too sweet, nonnie~ <3

It’s sort of mountainous! Eastern Washington is this really extreme place where it gets super hot and super cold really quick and Western Washington is just rain all the time. A pretty decent mountain range splits them down the middle aND IT’S LIKE GEOGRAPHY CLASS OH MAN.


ROTG gifs totally work for that. I mean. You trade snow for Bunny, so it’s not really a loss there. |D