~Another ROTG Analyzation You Didn’t Know You Wanted~

So something I’ve been thinking about for a while is the height of each of the Guardians. Also, I don’t really have any work to do today, so. 

The only height we know for sure (that I’ve found at least) is Bunny’s, with him saying he’s 6’1”. I’ve seen a figure that’s maybe…6’2.75” around a couple times? But I haven’t seen a source for that, so let’s assume 6’1”.

….I’d also like to take this moment to apologize to all of the metric folks out there because this is probably going to be painful. I added some cm conversions so you might have some sort of idea as to what I’m talking about! 

(This is the part where story problems and math come into handy. Also probably the tenth time this year I’ve had to use math outside of school.)


Bunny’s 6’1”. There’s a bit of leeway here because his ears aren’t standing straight up and they’re back a bit, but I tried to account for some of that. I divided a rough scale up into six parts, each representing a foot because that’s easy to work with. Using this scale (where I literally took a sewing measuring tape and held it against the screen), I found that 0.5” = 1’. For every half inch on my monitor, that represented a foot in ROTG-Land in this particular image.

(~185.4 cm)


Now we’ve seen Sandy fit through a doggy-door. He did it during the tooth collecting sequence, although I should note he did look a bit scrunched up. A quick Google search for doggy-doors had one site list their largest size listed as 14”x24”. Now, that would mean Sandy’s around two feet tall.

BUT, using the scale I set up earlier, Sandy’s about three feet tall. I gave some leeway against Sandy’s favour because it looks like he’s really stretchin’ to get in-shot there. Also his hair. Either Sandy is awesome at fitting into tight spaces or that’s a big doggie-door. Probably the former — or maybe he can change his size altogether? That’s a whole other analyzation. 

So Sandy’s probably around three feet tall. Probably 3’3” or 3’4” or so with his hair.

(around 91.4 cm, probably 99.1-101.6 with his hair)


Jack Frost. Oh, Jack. He’s a shorty. I don’t know if he was always that short or if his time under the ice made him short or what. But, using the Bunny-scale, Jack’s only about five feet tall. Now, this makes sense, because throughout the film, Jack’s freaking tiny in comparison to North. He looks a bit tall next to Tooth, but her proportions are different (more on that at the end). We also see Bunny have to visibly lean down to get face-to-face with him, and even then Bunny’s still a bit taller (although, Bunny’s not THAT much taller. His ears are probably a good 3/4 foot, or nine inches; without his ears, he’s probably only a little taller than Jack).

So Jack’s about five feet tall, give or take a few. His hair probably adds an inch or so.

(~152.4 cm)


North is a giant. He’s always depicted as rather large and intimidating and is easily the tall one of the bunch. Using the Bunny-scale, I pegged him as around 6’3” at first, but we can clearly see he’s leaning back. His hat probably adds an inch, but I’d still think he’s in the 6’5”-ish range. His boots don’t look like they have too much of a heel. 

So North’s about 6’5”, give or take a couple inches.

(~195.6 cm)

Note on Tooth:

She’s hard to find a picture of! I mean, there’s screencaps of her and art and promo images and such, but whenever she’s with the Guardians, it’s either a) not a full-body shot, or b) Tooth is in the background and thus looks slightly smaller.

But, the thing with Tooth is that her proportions are different from a human’s (or human-looking, using Jack as an example). Or, at least look that way. She’s very tiny, especially in her wrists, hands, ect. Her head looks smaller than Jack’s as well, at least from first glance.

I do think she’s smaller than Jack, though, since she has to fly off the ground to access her teeth-checking duties, and she’s a bit above that, so she might be around 4.5 feet? This is, of course, using the Bunny-scale in comparison to Jack, so give or take a few.

(~137.2 cm)


I did something today. 8’D

The average height for a human male in the early 1700s (when Jack was born) was about 5’5” (165 cm). The average height for a man today (in the US) is about 5’10” (178 cm). So Jack wasn’t actually that short for his time, though he was short. Nice figuring there.

I didn’t know it was a whole five inches! That makes more sense. |D

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