In celebration of the Hobbit coming out today, I wanted to draw a little something! *__* / 

I was watching the trilogy yesterday with a friend of mine, and kept trying to find a role for each RotG person to fit in LotR. Some of them, I was compeltly certain about, but Jack was not one of them. He reminded me of an elf because of his agility, parkour etc, but his personality didn’t fit and reminded me more of a hobbit. I settled for elf though, and imagine he’s sort of an outcast, which is why his hair is also short, and then he lost his memory at some point and has no idea of who he is and just lives on his own. 

I tried to incorporate his design as much as I could into the elf design, making the colors mainly blue and brown. Instead of frost, I made white stitches and patterns at the edges of his cloths. I gave him sort of a pocket on the shirt, made strings at the cape to resemble hoodie strings, kept the straps around his legs, designed the cape with his original cape in mind, made patterns on the bow (and a little G shape at the end /shot) and made his hair a bit longer- I think that’s about it yeah *___* / 

Now onwards to the rest!  


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