can i just marry this moment? harry’s just spoken in parseltounge and everyone is freaking the FUCK out and then we get this shot of Snape’s face, and he’s not scared or horrified or even amazed - and when you rewatch it occurs to you that snape is worried, and he’s just thinking ‘lily… what the FUCK is going on with your son?’ because up until now snape’s always looked out for harry ~~behind the scenes and openly disliked him whenever they’re both on screen but then there’s this and it takes everyone by surprise and snape’s facade drops for like a second because this is the kid he’s promised to protect no matter what, and it’s clear from all this crazy shit that happens to harry that it’s not going to be an easy job. and snape knows from the look on harry’s face that he didn’t know he was a parseltounge and it’s suddenly incredibly clear that harry has no idea who the fuck he actually is - the powers he has, the prophecy, none of it - and snape’s just hit with the fact that harry NEEDS to be protected because he can’t protect himself ALAN RICKMAN I COMMEND YOU I SERIOUSLY DON’T THINK ANYONE ELSE COULD PLAY SNAPE YOU ROCK THOSE GREASY LOCKS BABY

Before filming of the movies began, JK Rowling told Rickman everything about Snape- how he died, that he loved Lily, everything he knew about Harry, and that he had sworn to protect the boy. That way, Rickman could act accordingly throughout the series. Whenever he made an acting choice that seemed out of place for the bitter, mean, Potter-hating professor, the director would ask why he made that choice. Reportedly, Rickman would answer, “I know something that you don’t!” and would walk away.

Alan Rickman: a god amongst wizards.

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